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  • I'm Trying to Make Positive Changes. Why Won't They Let Me? 
    Often in therapy, clients seek out services because they’d like to make a change of some kind. Possibly to lose weight, to stop drinking, to change the direction of their life or career, relationship issues, etc. Whatever the reason for the transition, clients are usually looking for validation and support. They want confirmation that their goals are important and achievable.

Week after week clients will come to sessions talking about the progress or lack of pro...

  • Transitions During the Autumnal Equinox
    Autumn is a transitional time of year. The summer has come to an end and...

  • Olive Branches and Boomerangs
    All relationships have their challenges. Whether it’s a partner, a supervisor, a colleague, a family member or a friend, we all bring our histories, our perceptions and our assumptions with us whenever we interact with others. Our unique experiences shape who we are, how we see the world, and how we resolve conflicts. 

    Dancing During Transitional Times
    All change is hard. Even the changes we ask for, that we believe to be beneficial, will have their share of challenges. So when I applied to the PhD Program at Smith College and was accepted, I knew this time wouldn’t be any different. For me, this process has brought about awareness on so many levels. I haven’t even started my first term yet and I have learned volumes about myself and the peo...

  • Overcoming Disappointment in Relationships
    It's safe to say that our friends and families want the best for us. They want to see us happy, healthy and financially secure. As humans we rely on that support to motivate and encourage us to reach for our dreams and to bond us to our loved ones. But what happens when we have news to share, perhaps a personal milestone achieved, and that support fades or becomes inconsistent? How does that perceived lack of support affect our relationships with others and with ourselves?

    Messages you don't know your Smartphone is Sending
    Last night I took a loved one to a restaurant for her birthday. As I walked across the dining area, I noticed all the other tables and the diners seated at them. As I passed through on the way to my table, it caught my attention that alongside every place setting, I found either a cellphone or an iPad. Every place setting.

  • Social Esteem
    Today's world is full of immediate gratification. From just our smartphones alone, we can submit work reports, download recipes, upload photos to thousands of people, pay bills, RSVP to a party, book a vacation, and more, with just a few clicks of a button, from virtually anywhere within a few minutes. This ability to conquer our "T...